Construction Project Management Software and Its Benefits

Construction Project Management Software and Its Benefits


Construction Project Management software is essential for all kinds of construction projects irrespective of their size, but it goes without saying that bigger projects come with bigger risks. Large and complex projects are fraught with risks and surprises. Construction project management software is considered as the most effective way to manage and mitigate project delivery risk.


AconexFor mega projects it is advisable that the entire project team uses a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) project management platform which is specially designed for construction information and processes, like Aconex. This would support the team to develop shop drawings and multi-dimensional building information models (BIM) to register them on the Aconex platform. Thus they can review and comment on the designs and manage documents, while using these materials in planning and executing the subsequent phases of the construction project. The Automated workflow management can process the designs and documents through the review cycle for approval, and all the decisions can be stored in a permanent audit trail. The shape and final result can be confirmed much before the actual construction begins and the approval of the final result will be visible to the required members of the project team. Besides, if there are any changes or modifications made into the design, the subsequent versions would also be available for review and would be subject to approval workflows. Apart from accessing the prior versions for reference, version control ensures that the latest version of the designs is being worked upon.

construction field management softwareAlong with the checks and balances of the Aconex platform, complex construction projects require consistent inspections for quality, compliance and safety. Inspectors can employ construction field management software to capture all the construction errors that show an unaccepted deviation from the approved designs and specifications. For smartphones and tablets, Android, iPad or iPhone construction apps can be used to shoot as well as mark up photos of defects on site. And then process a digital punch list through the suitable subcontractors on the project as long as all issues are not resolved.


To operate and maintain the life of the construction, the facilities management team would need operation and maintenance (O&M) manuals. The shop drawings and BIM models inclusive of all the related documents, workflows and construction project communications, forms the basis of the O&M manuals. These manuals consist of project documentation from each of the specialty consultant, subcontractor, and supplier on the job. For example with Aconex Smart Manuals, the documentation can be developed and assembled during the project itself, in a collaborative environment, and delivered in digital form at practical completion.


Aconex Smart ManualsConstruction project management solutions reduce project delivery risk, irrespective of the size and diversity of the project team, and deliver a built asset that surpasses the expectations of all stakeholders. It helps in managing multi-company building projects in the construction, mining, infrastructure, power, and gas & oil sectors. It also aids in preventing the delivery of a flawed asset by avoiding clash of designs, unanswered RFI, workflow disruption, outdated document, miscommunication, and various other issues.


It is also important to maintain a transparency among the project team members in relation to the distribution of information. The information shared and the processes followed by team members should be aligned on a common platform which is accessible by all as this helps them to view the entire project and contribute accordingly. Missed information leads to inaccuracy and as a result quality suffers and project risk grows out of control.


Project risk can be most effectively reduced through constant workflow management, document control and tracking of communications. It is essential to create such a structured collaboration environment where construction project team members can develop, share, review, and approve information so that when an issue occurs it can be promptly addressed by the project team or the organization.


Construction Project Management software mitigates construction risks and gives a competitive advantage to the developer. As absence of construction project management software in the construction workflow can cause serious and even irreparable damage, hence it is a crucial factor for the builders to employ the software and ensure the quality of the as-built asset as it is a critical measure of project delivery success.

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