How to estimate a custom house and meet the buyer’s expectation

How to estimate a custom house and meet the buyer’s expectation


Let us meet Les Russel, an old-hand cost estimator, loves to work within estimating and purchasing system which helps accounting and construction management. He is one of the key man behind those lavish house made by Sterling Custom Home.


He has a bright career in past started in Central Texas. His has a rich experience working for small and large homebuilders which covers almost entire nation, from Colorado, Orlando, FL in the East, Las Vegas, NV out West and Troy, MI up North.


One of the memorable instances of Les’s life was to engage with small semi-custom builder in Boulder City, NV as General Manager.


The Sterling Custom Homes was one of another best duties that Les successfully handled in past.


His technical know-how about residential construction, his principles and his strong passion to be successful have paid him a strong repute within the industry.


Les graduated from Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas with a Bachelor of Science in Business with a Major in Accounting and a Minor in Economics.


He has given an interview with Sterling Custom Home’s channel in You Tube. Here is the detail of it.


Please let us know, how estimating manager do their work to set up a custom home and also let us know you experience doing the cost estimation.


I have started the home building in 1983, in Roundrock, Texas. I have been in this business for 26 years and travelling for consulting work for home builders and their estimating work with the help of their computer systems.


What is your role in the home building process?


As an estimator, I stay in touch with current prices and commodities and trade partner prices as well as the planning team and owner for managing the survey and architectural process – those activities helps them to find the price and work according to the plan. Then the consultation has to be made with the trade partners about contracts and place all that for the purchase order and the draft budget.


What are the new trends that you are witnessing now?


In any home building system, green building process is trending where we see the home as a tall process or system and we approaches everything working together. The big appliances like HTC units, electrical appliances, tighter construction, better insulation, improve energy efficiency and along with all others factors. So we look for durability and construction efficiency of home.


If we have one accommodation to build the home in future, then what that would be?


We have to seriously consider what level of material that the builder is using, what would the valuation of the home, detail and specification is very important for arriving into a product which going to meet your expectation, you also need to really quantify the builders and their business process. The builder’s business has to be very clean. The builders need to meet your expectations and the process has to be good enough, that is what a custom home going to work.


Can you give me example of the specification?


The specification is, we take the onus of the complete construction cycle, and our specification is done exactly according to the construction sequence, so we will go for exactly what material is going to import, every door window, HVAC unit and interior tram pain. It is really helps us meet the expectation of buys.


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