Software Solution for Design, Plan and BIM Estimation

Software Solution for Design, Plan and BIM Estimation


If you desire to apply any innovative and newfangled technology to your construction, then PlusSpec is one of the best options available. Take it from building design to planning or BIM estimation – it would be your one step solution.


Andrew Dwight, the man who has many colours in generating PlusSpec’s success story, has divulged the reasons that why it is so unique.


He is the Business Development Manager here as well as Building Designers Australia, PlusSpec, Design and construction with BIM for everyone, Rubysketch – has a freewheeling interview with us.


Dwight, a successful professional had some glorious past in his career path working for Mirvac, a world-class Australian property group. Besides, he was also the part of CBS Construction.


1. What Kind of Software is PlusSpec ?

PlusSpec is a new building design, planning and estimating BIM software, that brings together the power of Computer Aided Drafting (CAD), Estimation, 3D Modelling, 2D Planning and Building Information Modelling (BIM) – into one easy-to-use package


2. What is the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of PlusSpec ?

Most design software allows its users to design, but PlusSpec also allows its users to perform take-offs and estimates. It is also affordable, and is intuitive/easy to use. The collaboration features make it easier to communicate with clients and consultants, and it is compatible with Revit, ArchiCAD, Bentley, and other design software.



3. Please share us how it works? Or what is the working procedure of PlusSpec ?

PlusSpec utilizes the SketchUp environment, which is the most popular free-form 3D modelling software in the world. We have simplified the process of designing and estimating through BIM. We also have an extensive library of tutorials that help the user take advantage of all of the software features, and can be found at:



4. What is the procedure to take to download PlusSpec ?

PlusSpec can be purchased by registering on our website at



5. How much amount of money costs to download PlusSpec software?

A PlusSpec 12 month subscription costs $990.00 AUD.


6. What is your primary marketing strategy or goal to promote this software?

We are predominately promoting PlusSpec through presentations and online presentations, and we are raising brand and product awareness through social media and press releases.


7. Tell us about you team of experts and their expertise.

Our team at RubySketch consists of builders, building designers, architects, developers, engineers and design students. We have created PlusSpec for architects and builders by architects and builders.


8. Which version of SketchUp is supported in your software?

We recommend using SketchUP 14 and above for PlusSpec.


9. Why do you thing your product would be one of the best selling in market among others specially where there are a lot of competitors?

PlusSpec is a very user friendly software and has a better parametric functionality. PlusSpec is quite affordable which helps you design efficiently and estimate materials at the click of a mouse.

10. Tell us about the training days and when it would be held?

The training days are held once a month, typically at the end of each month.


11. Is there any student version? How a student can get access?


A student can request a student version by following this link and clicking on 'How can I get access to a student version'


12. What is the procedure to subscribe and how long would the subscription last long?


A PlusSpec subscription is valid for 12 months, which includes updates and technical support.

13. Is it capable of work in 2D environment?

Yes. PlusSpec utilizes the SketchUp environment, and for 2D output, it is best suited to SketchUp Layout - as it links parametrically (any change made to the model will be automatically updated in the 2D plans). However, it can also be imported into other design software for 2D presentations.

14. If anybody would like to use it in residential or commercial construction, then would it be possible?

PlusSpec has been designed primarily for residential application. However, it can be utilized for any construction typology, including commercial construction. We are continuing to develop the software so that it will become more fully equipped and applicable to commercial construction.

15. Can this software be updated?

Yes. When you purchase PlusSpec, all of the updates are free throughout the entire duration of the subscription term.


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