Navisworks®: Project Review Software

Navisworks®: Project Review Software


Navisworks® is actually project review software for the Architecture Engineering and Construction (AEC) professionals.


This software takes a holistic approach to project estimation reviewing integrated models, data with stakeholders to gain better control over the project outcome. It has become a signature product of Autodesk.


A Navisworks® expert has given us answer to our quarries. Here is the interview.


The Sterling Custom Homes was one of another best duties that Les successfully handled in past.


Tell us what is the unique selling proposition (USP) of Autodesk® Navisworks® cost estimating software?


Navisworks® project review software products enables architecture, engineering, and construction professionals to holistically review integrated models and data with stakeholders to gain better control over project outcomes. The quantification tools in Navisworks offer a tight connection to the BIM model and allow construction professionals to make the move towards model based quantification which supports over 50 native model file formats and connects to the cloud.



Please explain us how it works


From the foundation of an aggregated model in Navisworks, you can compile a quantification workbook based upon the model (3D) and drawing (2D) information available. Takeoff can occur from model objects, drawn information, or using virtual take-off, from known conditions that are not yet represented. This takeoff is aggregated in the workbook to represent the whole project quantities. Then, you can connect with leading estimation platforms or excel for estimation workflows suited to the organization size. With formula support, resource catalogs and change management built into both 3D and 2D workflows, our solution allows any organization to transition to BIM.



To complete costing, estimators require getting hold of the design data from multiple sources—but this data is often incomplete and inconsistent – how your cost estimation software would fix this problem (Design Data Disarray)?


Navisworks is an industry leading solution for the aggregation of disparate information for any construction project. With the capability to support 3D models, 2D sheets and the virtual takeoff workflow, this significantly benefits organizations interested in integrating quantification processes into their BIM solutions.



How an estimator, after completing a takeoff, will export quantity data to industry-standard estimating applications such as Sage Timberline Office or create a snapshot for team members by publishing the takeoff to the DWF™ file format?


There are multiple means to connect, extract or iterate the quantification information in Navisworks with embedded change management.



Can this software ensure cost estimation at any point of time or have to wait for complete developed data?


Navisworks ensures cost estimation at any point in time without having to wait for completely developed data.



What would this software do if firms are reluctant to change their workflows, especially if it means throwing away the decades of costing experience accumulated by their best estimators? Will the workflow stays same? How it would remain same ?


The benefits of connecting quantification and estimating to a connected BIM process outweigh the inertia of maintaining status quo. Quantification data is consumed in many different parts of the construction process, and estimation is a key component of that. However, by integrating model based processes, many new workflows and benefits can be achieved - such as connecting quantities to the powerful 4D capabilities of Navisworks, or as part of the construction coordination model across the entire design team.



How cost estimating can be effortless or easy by this software?


These features help bring quantification into the BIM process to benefit the entire organization. As the industry continues to move towards BIM and model based workflows, this toolset will help ensure that quantification and estimating remain connected and relevant, and are not left disconnected and isolated from the processes of todays BIM-enabled contractors.


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