Rebuilding of WTC almost completed, authority try it to open as soon as possible

Looking at the rebuilding of the World Trade Centre (WTC), President Barak Obama once said, ‘We remember. We rebuild. We come back stronger.’ The stunning return of one of the United State’s most iconic buildings on the ground zero with its incredible design and formation after the 9/11 terrorist strike, considered to be miracle of great construction expertise.


September 11, 2001 attack on WTC killed several thousands and destroyed property worth $10 billion – this great infrastructural damage and huge loss led to war.


For several years, the ground zero remained an upsetting incomplete, sky-scraping structures are erected in the centre of the piled debris. – has always been an agonizing remembrance of blood smeared eleventh day of September. Amidst the reprehensible slugfest of bureaucrats, the new World Trade Centre is finally getting shape with its good ole charm.


The centerpiece of the site, one - World Trade Center (also known as freedom tower), now climbed 1,776 feet into the air of Manhattan sky. The 72-story Four - World Trade Center will open in two months. The long-delayed National September 11 Memorial Museum is also there for the visitors.

The rebuilding is not really easy. It was a remarkable combined effort. Here some remember that integrity of US-government. The fight back the situation soon after it happened in September 9, 2001. The government announced rebuilding programme at the very day of the incident. Standing on the heaps of remains, a cleaning staff shouted to the President Bush that “Sir I can’t hear you.’ President replied, “But I can hear you, Rest of the world can hear you and the people who knocked down this will soon hear us.”


Rebuilding of WTC almost completed, authority try it to open as soon as possible


Starting in 2006, when the vast site known as Ground Zero was finally cleared of debris, the artist and filmmaker Marcus Robinson set about documenting (with time-lapse photography, sketches, paintings and interviews) the biggest and most emotion-laden building project in the world. Robinson (who also, memorably, recorded the construction of the London Eye) describes his time-lapse technique as “like a meditation”, allowing the human eye to see change in ways we could never otherwise perceive. The images his numerous cameras snapped once every 30 minutes for six years enabled weeks and months of frantic and complex construction work to be distilled into seconds. These vividly edited visual sequences emphasised not only the enormity of the task in hand but also the mathematical beauty of system, pattern and engineering that goes into the making of any large building, especially skyscrapers.


More than 26,000 people have worked to rebuild the World Trade Center complex, and many will continue working there for years until the five skyscrapers, transportation hub and retail complex on the site have been completed. The project spanning 16 acres with an overall cost of about $14.8 billion -- up from a 2008 estimate of $11 billion. And it has taken a long time to come to fruition. Although the site cleanup officially ended in May of 2002, construction on One World Trade Center, the 1,776-foot tall centerpiece of the site, didn’t begin until 2006. Its original design was altered because of security concerns.


The construction cost estimators say the opening of One World Trade Center, expected in end of 2014 or early 2015, will be a big step toward restoring a part of the city closed since 9/11. The cost of One World Trade Center is now $3.9 billion, up $700 million from the last estimate, making it the most expensive building in the world. Developers also say it is the safest building in the world: it has a firefighters' elevator, which is waterproof.

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