Gannett Fleming joins GMI

Gannett Fleming has joined a global network of sustainability leaders. They are now strongly devoted to developing and sharing solutions-based tools and information that assist company’s improvement over environment related and their operations as well as add business values.


Gannett Fleming is a renowned first firm in the Architecture/Engineering/Construction industry to become a member of the Global Environmental Management Initiative (GEMI).


The institution provides a forum for companies across a broad range of trading sectors to work together in a cost-effective manner to address strategic and tactical issues impacting corporate environmental, health, and safety activities in their companies.


Joining GEMI was a normal instance for Gannett Fleming, based on the two institutions’ long-term working relationship and like-minded philosophies to reach environmental sustainability excellence. An interactive web tool which has been developed is actually the fall out of past collaboration.

Venturing with the GEMI Water Sustainability Work Group, Gannett Fleming was the major developer of collecting the Drops: A Water Sustainability Planner. The web-based tool is modified for facilitating managers or owners and guides them through the process of assessing water use and impacts from their operations. The user will get a better understanding with this tool that what is the quality and quantity of water available for use, the cost of water, environmental sensitivities of the region, current or projected community development, and the sufficiency of their current infrastructure development. The interactive water sustainability planner allows users to admission the tool despite of the location.

Gannett Fleming joins GMI
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Armed with this information, capacity owners can better understand the many situations that may affect the sufficiency and quality and excellence of their delivery, their facility’s impact on the local water supply and quality, and ways to control the water resources wisely.


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“Like GEMI, we are committed to staying on the leading edge of sustainability issues and developing world-class solutions. Connecting with other industry leaders who share the same passion enables us to expand our knowledge and connections and thereby our ability to deliver the most efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions for our clients,” said Mark Johnson, a vice president and Gannett Fleming’s corporate sustainability officer based in North Andover, Massachusetts.


“We are very satisfied to welcome Gannett Fleming to GEMI,” said Roland Mostovy, sustainability program manager, Ashland Inc., and GEMI’s membership chair.


Also, joining GEMI is another moving forward towards Gannett Fleming’s corporate sustainability program. The firm has formalized its steps to sustainability and formed a Corporate Sustainability Team to record and calculates its impact on the environment, set the reduction goals, and promotes sustainability among staffs, clients, and colleagues.


Gannett Fleming is accountable to those targets by annual reporting process, in which the results are published in a corporate sustainability report. In the yearly audit, the firm carrying on to control and spend in its ongoing sustainability program gives impetus the Gannett Fleming Vision: To be a driving force in improving our communities and sustaining our world through an stiff commitment to growth, innovation, ethics, and technical brilliance.

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