When Australia will welcome Prefab Construction ?

UK housing minister Brandon Lewis instructed country’s construction sector to welcome the up-to-date form of building techniques to speed up the construction of new homes and. The country needs to address the storage of completed domiciles.


What he pointed out the off-site construction that is prefabrication which can be the longstanding answer to present problem. However, British companies are lagging behind implementing new technologies.


“More innovation in house building is long overdue and it will be essential if we want to deliver more homes that move beyond the traditional system of taking 20 weeks to build a home, if the British weather holds up,” Lewis said.


The most part of the Australian nation is also unfamiliar to the prefab construction. Here the prefab construction marketing is an untapped market, believes Zoran Angelkovski, managing director of the Manufacturing Excellence Taskforce of Australia (META).

When Australia will welcome Prefab Construction
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The Aussie construction industry contributed over $150 billion to GDP, including 10 per cent of the total output of goods and service.  The prefabricated housing sector is just $4.6 billion, or three per cent of the construction industry's output.

The prefabrication presents a galaxy of benefits such as less construction times and reduced waste materials, and overcoming challenge associated with distant sites common in Australia's widely discrete communities across our variety of landscapes.


The Procurement methods, including for government agencies in Australia can often unintentionally prevent adoption of off-site solutions (if only for historical reasons. The leveling of the playing field in this case would cause to create more chances for Australia's off-site industry and bigger project outcomes for clients.


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