Plexxis Construction Management Software and Mobile Application for Estimating, Accounting and Material Management

It is good news for wall and ceiling industry. Plexxis has created something special through the material management tools interrelated and connected with Drywall ERP estimating, construction management, accounting and mobile app solution. Plexxis Drywall ERP unites drywall estimating software, digital takeoff, construction management, accounting as well as software and mobile applications.


The enhanced material management generally gives:-


  1. Purchasers,
  2. Project managers,
  3. Foreman,
  4. Warehouse managers,
  5. Administration employees,
  6. Owners individual tools that allow them to manage and track materials throughout the lifecycle of commercial,
  7. Residential and high rise jobs.


Jeni Mitchell, Senior Consultant and Director of Implementations, have some insight about it. She believes the most gorgeous thing about this material management is it gives real-time visibility to each and every department at the same time while tracking materials as those travel around between location and job. It makes the key people take their decision speedily. It gives exact information, without contacting other people or verifying data.

Drywall ERP Vs Multiple Platform Solution



Chad Pearson, Director of Business Development feels, everything they have done is actually focusing on the contractors’ performance. The material management is considered to be unique and big game changer.


All materials and their pertinent codes, pictures, safety data, dimensions, properties, locations, inventory levels, pricing, job special pricing etc. is accessible to all key people in real time. The company is providing the visibility contractors have wanted for decades.


Plexxis, a dedicated construction management and accounting software which estimates and opens as mobile application made for wall and ceiling is considered to be one of the best for constructors.


This Software provides an outstanding wall and ceiling solution that joins drywall estimating software, digital takeoff, construction management software, drywall construction accounting software, managed IT services and mobile apps. The single Oracle database solution is created exclusively for every commercial, residential, high rise and industrial situation.

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