3D Printer to Build House in 24 Hours

Professor Behrokh KhoshnevisProfessor Behrokh Khoshnevis of the University of Southern California has developed a huge 3D printer that is capable of building a house within 24 hours. The robot created by Khoshnevis is equipped with a nozzle that churns out concrete and is competent to build a home according to a set computer pattern.


Researchers working on this technology, known as Contour Crafting, have claimed that this technique is capable of revolutionizing the entire construction industry. Brad Lemley of Discover Magazine informed that for the robot to operate on, the workers would have to lay two rails. It is from there that the Contour Crafting system would move along the rails and lay down cement. After the completion of this task, workers will continue with the remaining part of the process which includes installing windows, hanging doors, etc.


According to experts, Contour Crafting will enhance in cost cutting and reduce the total cost of owning a home. This process would also aid in repairing and renovating construction damaged by severe weather conditions. Though the project is still under tests, Khoshnevis assures this would not reduce jobs in this sector, but will create more. Yet there is no doubt that this new creation would implement innovative concepts in the entire construction procedure and aid in reducing the overall construction cost.


3D Printer
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