Construction Cost Estimator



The most important aspect of any construction sight is cost estimation. An excellent construction cost estimation led to a super finish of the construction. It enhances the margin of the profit and reputation of the project owner. There are many tools led to perfect construction cost estimation. Jose Fedorka of describes how he divided cost estimation into steps. This vedio will provide project manager a lot of help.


Construction Cost Estimator


Any estimator must know how to frame the plan of action. This video will help them particularly.


And they must have a good set of plans to work from. Without a good set of plans, it is virtually impossible to know if the customer's idea of what they want done matches your understanding of what they want done.


It is almost guaranteed that your concept of the job will differ from the customer's without a good set of plans. An estimator should not attempt any kind of an estimate without a set of accurate plans.

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